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Your Ultimate Guide to a Wellness Weekend at Lightwater Cove

Wellness is the name of the game on Salt Spring Island. It’s everything from the pace we lead our lives, the spectacular surrounding ocean and forested environment, and the activities we encourage our guests to take part in. Lightwater Cove is nestled far away from the fast paced, adrenaline pumping cities we all know so well. The rhythmic sounds of the ocean from your private beach greet you upon arrival, as well as the homely atmosphere of our farm. Let us show you how to recalibrate to this rhythm through a specially tailored guide from the start to the end of your weekend trip at our wellness resort at Lightwater Cove.

Arriving on a Picturesque Friday Afternoon

As soon as you arrive at Lightwater Cove, we encourage you to take in all that our wellness resort has to offer. Get familiar with your room and common areas either in the Lightwater Guesthouse or the Heron Nest Guesthouse. Note the best path to get to your private beach and the way to the spa. Inhale the delicious and fresh air around our garden and greenhouses growing a variety of produce and herbs. 

In your room, take in all the natural elements such as the old growth fir accents, admire and take photos of the stunning ocean view, and the indoor and outdoor spots to relax. Each Guesthouse also has common areas that we invite you to feel at home in such as the Great Hall, lounge, and our healing spaces for meditation and deep reflection with a journal and cup of tea. 

Once you are settled in, enjoy dinner at one of our highly rated local restaurants (reservations recommended), then watch your first sunset on Salt Spring Island, and have the best sleep you’ve had in a while so you can get ready for tomorrow’s full day of exploring.

wellness resort

Saturdays are For Exploring

The day starts with an incredible sunrise, gently waking you to start the day. Enjoy complimentary breakfast, organic coffee or tea before the adventure really begins. Then venture out of Lightwater Cove to explore the bustling town center of Ganges where the Saturday market takes place and there are plenty of local artisanal shops. 

There are also numerous outdoor activities you can book and take part in from Ganges such as kayaking, whale watching, SUP paddle boarding, and more. If sightseeing is more interesting to you, visit Sacred Mountain Lavender to experience our version of Provence. Sample delectable locally made cheeses at Salt Spring Island Cheese, and feel refreshed with some local wine from Garry Oaks Estate Winery, to name a few attractions. Enjoy lunch and later dinner at some of our favourite eateries such as Salt Spring Inn, Oystercatcher Seafood Bar & Grill, the Treehouse, or Salt Spring Wild Cider. Each place offers quality local ingredients and mouth watering crowd pleasers with unique twists only found on our island. Walk it all off by exploring the 7 kms of trails at Ruckle Provincial Park, while taking in our fragile and breathtaking marine environment. Come back to Lightwater Cove to refresh and have another knock out sleep.

On Sundays We Rest 

If yesterday was enough for you, take this day to rest and enjoy our onsite amenities at our wellness resort. Our newly opened spa, Lightwater Natural Wellness, welcomes our guests to enjoy a variety of nourishing massages and rejuvenating body work all from qualified and passionate wellness practitioners. It’s best to book your spa treatments well in advance of your arrival at Lightwater Cove to avoid disappointment. We also have a chromotherapy steam room available so you can experience the health benefits of coloured light and steam. 

Outside we have our newly constructed salt water swimming pool and hot tub, perfect for an afternoon dip and moment of relaxation. Afterwards, walk our surrounding beach and forest trails that lead you to, you guessed it, your own private beach. Here is an opportunity to check in with yourself and truly reflect on your trip so far. Enjoy one last sunset before tomorrow’s departure day. 

Leaving Paradise on Monday morning

There’s still some time to enjoy one last sunrise and another delicious and thoughtfully made breakfast. Take it all in while overlooking those stunning ocean views that have served as home these last couple of days. There’s no need to rush through breakfast as there’s plenty of time to get ready. Sneak off to the beach or our meditation room to indulge in one last deep moment of tranquility and feel even more rejuvenated. As you leave, take in one last look at the ocean and breathe in the fresh marine air. Our hope for you when you leave us is that you take this new pace of life with you back home. Experience the benefits of living with less urgency and put space around things, such as your thoughts and schedule. 

If this sounds like the sort of weekend you’d like to experience at our wellness resort, check out our reservation page for our most up to date availability and book your stay!

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