Step into a sanctuary of serenity and renewal at Lightwater Natural Wellness, where our carefully crafted spa treatment packages offer transformative experiences to soothe the soul and rejuvenate the body.

Light Journey

$310 / 2 hrs

Embark upon Light Journey: a harmonious blend of rhythmic, restorative healing practices that combine the flowing touch of our Lomi Lomi Awakening Massage with the soothing embrace of our Luminous Light Facial. Together, these two exquisite complementary treatments will leave you joyfully connected to your inner radiance and outer brightness.

Water Journey

$310 / 2 hrs

Dive into the essence of hydration and serenity. Begin this immersive experience with the soothing strokes of our Waterfall Wellness Massage, which emulates the calming flow of water over your body to ease tension and promote a profound sense of peace. Continue by savouring our marine-infused, deeply hydrating Oceanic Bliss Facial. These two luxurious treatments combine to reflect the purifying and renewing qualities of water, taking you on a voyage of skin rejuvenation and soothing relaxation.

Stone Journey

$310 / 2 hrs

Discover the ancient art of Gua Sha unified with the therapeutic heat of smooth basalt stones. Stone Journey starts with our Coastal Cove Hot Stone Massage, as heated stones glide over your muscles to deeply soothe and relax your entire body. Next, our Gua Sha Facial uses a healing crystal to lift and tone your dermal layers, leaving your skin firm, glowing, and revitalised. Open your heart to the mineral element with this warm and grounding treatment combination.

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