quartz crystal and lightwater cove

Preservation of the Point

quartz crystal and lightwater cove

At the most southern part of the Lightwater Cove’s expansive and beautiful property lies a piece of land that protrudes out into a sometimes gentle, and sometimes wild ocean. This range of wildlife, beautiful and natural plant life and hidden veins of quartz crystal all lead out into a point that meets the ocean.

This is the Point at Lightwater Cove.

The Point is where all seemingly ceases to exist. Where time itself seems to stop, and where your cares simply float away – as though being accompanied by the ocean winds. The Point is an epicenter, where one ceases doing – and relaxes into a serene state of being.

Perhaps this has to do with the Point’s history, the immense quartz crystal veins that stretch underneath, and the transformative and healing properties harboured within those quartz deposits.

The Majesty of the West Coast Quartz Veins

the point at lightwater cove

On your stroll out to the Pointe, you’ll notice the wild grasses growing freely and tickling your ankles, you’ll hear the calls of the birds and the sounds of the shore’s swells, your senses will be inundated fully by the immersion in nature – and if you look carefully at your feet, you’ll see parts of the natural quartz veins peeking out along your walk. 

Underneath the restless ocean floors in the West Coast lie a plethora of treasure. Nestled within the rock beds are quartz crystal veins, millions of years old. One such quartz crystal vein stretches through the entire property of Lightwater Cove, and ends at our Point.

Quartz Crystal Healing Properties

Quartz is an abundant mineral, found vastly throughout different parts of the world. This stone is meant to bring about balance, regulation of energy, and promotes a sense of emotional stability when spent in the presence of this crystal.

Sunbathing On The Quartz Crystal 

One of the most soothing ways to find a harmonious relationship within oneself is to immerse yourself in the healing properties of the Point by sunbathing on the quartz crystal slab found down by the ocean.

This little sanctuary is hidden down at the shores of the Point at Lightwater Cove, surrounded by the natural land formation, the ocean tides, and the plant life adorning the cliffside rocks. Tread gently through the mosses, the succulents, and the growing greens to find yourself down at the shore and enjoy an afternoon sunbathing in this magnificent space, and allow yourself to let go of any cares, stresses or worries during your time at the Point.

The History of Salt Spring Island and Russell Island

When bathing and basking on the quartz at the Point, you’ll notice your gaze naturally drawn towards another small island in the Gulf Islands in the immediacy of your vision – this is Russell Island, which lies straight across the water from this southern tip of Salt Spring Island. 

The history of Salt Spring is intertwined with the Hawaiian (or Kanaka as they are known in their language) settlers who were involved in maritime fur trading as far back as the 1700s, and began settling in the Gulf Islands in the 1870s, including Russell Island.

The stories of the homestead on Russell Island, and the homestead originally built on the property of Lightwater Cove intertwine and intermingle in a fantastical and magical way – the same way that those rocky oceanbeds and their quartz crystal veins are also entangled, stretching all the way from Salt Spring Island down to the Hawaiian Islands. In more ways than one, this eternally connects the history of the Hawaiian settlers, and the Salt Spring settlers.

It is in the stillness of the Point do we have the chance to sit and reflect on the connections that take place around us every day. 

That when we live within a deafened silence in a space the Point creates, that when we move to disconnect from the quiet buzz of the day-to-day, we find the space to connect with ourselves.

This is our Point – this is the space where the world simply stops. This space, this little hidden bedrock of quartz crystal nestled against the West Coast ocean – this is the place where we start being.

Discover The Point at Lightwater Cove

quartz crystal veins point at lightwater cove

During your stay at Lightwater Cove, you will have more than a few natural wonders to keep your mind occupied, your body relaxed, and your soul satiated. The Point is one of our most favourite spaces on this land. Please be sure to ask one of us about the Point, the rich history of the land, and for walking directions during your stay at Lightwater Cove.

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