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Escape the City Hustle: Discover a Slower Pace of Life on Salt Spring Island at Lightwater Cove

Many of us in North America are constantly exposed to the busy, loud, smelly, and pressure cooker environments of urban settings. City life is considered such a normal part of our modern lifestyle, that we often don’t realize how out of balance we are. Traveling to places with a different rhythm is the thing to reset. The idyllic and tranquil Lightwater Cove in Salt Spring Island can help you rejuvenate and recalibrate to a degree that city life can’t do. Let’s show you how you can enjoy a restorative resort to the fullest!

Location of Salt Spring Island

Nestled between the Strait of Georgia, Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia on the west coast of Canada, you will find Salt Spring Island. It’s accessible by float plane and ferry via the BC mainland. And it’s an easy trip to make when traveling to Vancouver, Victoria, and Seattle. Easily connect to one of these three points from wherever you are in North America. 

What does a slower pace of life mean?

When you arrive on our island, you’ll feel right away that the city rhythm is no longer dictating things. The slower pace of life you’ll find here is all about savouring the moment and not blowing past the present. It’s also about taking the time and having the patience to appreciate and value the people, places, and things in front of you. This is what we are all about on our island. If you are reading this, Salt Spring Island is calling to you, particularly to our favourite corner at Lightwater Cove. 

Resting Easy at Lightwater Cove, a Restorative Resort

After a short 10 minute drive from Fulford Harbour or 20 minutes from Long Harbour, you will be at our restorative resort in no time. Start your journey into a slower pace of life by taking a dip in our newly constructed salt water swimming pool. With over 30 rainless days in the summer, the sun is guaranteed to add sparkle and glimmer to the water. It casts a luminous glow on the property and its natural beauty. 

For those looking for the ultimate way to indulge and unwind, relax at the spa at Lightwater Cove. It offers the highest quality services to help restore your senses and find a deeper sense of inner and outer wellbeing. 

While you are staying at Lightwater Cove, we encourage you to wander around the property. Take in our abundant farm and garden, giving you an extra homey and relaxed feel. And then when you lie down and close your eyes for the night, let go a little more knowing that seclusion, a majestic forest, and soothing ocean surrounds you. There truly is everything you need here for a slower pace of life.

If this sounds like the sort of getaway you’d like to experience, check out our reservation page for our most up to date availability and book your stay!

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