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Embrace Salt Spring Island’s Eco Scene: Organic farms and Wellness Experiences at Lightwater Cove

It’s easy to think that a Gulf island such as Salt Spring wouldn’t have such a vibrant organic farming and a wellness scene. Yet the opposite is true. With an extensive farming history due to the island’s diverse environment and ideal climate, Salt Spring has been referred to as a “breadbasket” or “Indian Supermarket” by Aboriginal elders. Today, this is truly the place where you will find eco farming practices, bountiful organic produce, lamb raising, dairy producing operations, and space to indulge in wellness practices. Here at Lightwater Cove, we give visitors the perfect introduction to this abundant and relaxing world. 

Organic Farming at Lightwater Cove

Our dedicated farmers prioritize the well-being of the land by employing practices like crop rotation, companion plantings, and other organic techniques. To sustain the fertility and distinct character of Lightwater Farm, we incorporate local soil amendments, such as the seaweed that naturally washes ashore on our nearby beach. We also store and use collected rainwater, reducing the pressure on Salt Spring Island’s water supply especially in the dry summer months. This commitment to sustainability ensures the health of the farm for generations to come.

What You Can Find at Our Farm

Abundance is the name of the game at Lighwater Farm. During any season and with Mother Nature’s blessing, the array of delightful harvest includes cucumbers, basil, tomatoes, and garlic, extending to potatoes, kale, beets, and butternut squash. Within our expansive 1,800-square-foot glass greenhouse, numerous types of lettuce and other leafy greens flourish throughout the year.

Our expansive acres are dedicated to heritage orchards, many of which were planted by early settlers more than a century ago. These orchards not only provide picturesque settings for picnics but also yield an abundance of delectable fruits during the harvest season. Among the diverse collection of fruit trees, we proudly maintain over eighty Ruckle, Pippin, and Baldwin apple trees, historically renowned for cider production. This time-honored tradition lives on as we maintain a close relationship with a local cidery.

Beyond the apple trees, our farm boasts more than thirty other fruit and nut trees, enriching the landscape with an array of pears, plums, almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts each year. To further enhance our offerings, our berry gardens flourish with thriving strawberry and blueberry plants, adding to the fruitful abundance at Lightwater Cove.

The Farm to Table Experience

We are so proud to offer freshly grown ingredients, a true farm to table experience for our local Salt Spring Island restaurants, grocery stores, and cafes. (To read more about our favourite eateries, check out this post HERE.) By doing so we are reducing the usage of shipping materials, shortening the distance your meal needs to travel, adding more healthy and truly tasty ingredients, and sustaining organic farming practices for years to come.

The Wellness Experience at Lightwater Cove

While our surrounding natural environment will do wonders to relax your soul, we can definitely understand if you are looking for a little more to help you unwind! That’s why we’ve introduced spa services at Lightwater Cove. Our spa is a haven of relaxation, where every detail is designed to enhance your well-being. Immerse yourself in a peaceful ambiance surrounded by sunlight, lush gardens, breathtaking ocean views, and cliffside rocks. Indulge in a variety of pampering treatments, from revitalizing massages to invigorating body scrubs. All services are delivered by our skilled and caring wellness practitioners. 


Whether you are indulging in spa treatments or not, we encourage you to take part in holistic wellness practices such as yoga and meditation. Enhance the experience and the benefits by doing so outside. Spend some time at The Point, the southernmost area of our property, ideal for meditation or sunbathing on our quartz crystal slab. This is no ordinary slab of rock, as it is known for its ability to bring about balance, regulation of energy, and promotes a sense of emotional stability. 

Experience it All for Yourself

Whether you are coming to Lightwater Cove for a change of scenery or to experience a slower pace of life, the bounty of our organic farm and wellness practices will be here to nourish and take care of you and your traveling party. Check out our reservation page for our most up to date availability and book your stay!

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