Experience Salt Spring Island

Experience Salt Spring Island’s Natural Wonders: Outdoor Adventures at Lightwater Cove

Outdoor adventures are plentiful on Salt Spring Island, whether it’s setting out on the pristine waterways, walking beach and forest trails, or simply admiring nature. Staying at Lightwater Cove is the perfect jumping off point to take full advantage. We are ideally situated and have an abundance of outdoor space on our stunning oceanfront property to soak in all the natural wonders. If we were you, here’s what we would do to maximize your time in the great outdoors to experience Salt Spring Island.

Unleash Your Inner Aquatic Explorer

Salt Spring Island is one of 200 Gulf Islands located between the Strait of Georgia and the BC mainland on the west coast of Canada. From its location, it’s no surprise that water-based activities are very popular on our island. Enjoy everything from kayaking, canoeing, SUP paddle boarding (whether you stand up or not, it doesn’t matter!), whale watching, zodiac, and boating. There are opportunities to go about some of these on your own by renting. Or take a group tour and learn about our fragile and incredible marine environment from qualified and passionate guides. 

Depending on your activity, go as far as some of the other popular surrounding Gulf Islands such as Pender Island, Galiano and others. Or explore some of Salt Spring’s inner harbour, including the local chain of islands such as Third Sister Island and Goat Island. No matter where your adventure takes you, you are sure to have an incredible time and deepen your love for the outdoors!

Land Based Pursuits for the Ultimate Adventure Seeker

For the active types, the best ways to experience Salt Spring Island are by bike and by foot. The ideal times to bike around the island are during spring and fall. That way you avoid the touristy summer season. The roads get too clogged with traffic, making it difficult to pedal freely without having to watch your back. There are two main routes to take via bike, which are the north loop starting from Long Harbour and the south loop starting from Ganges. Both loops offer incredible views and worthwhile stops. However, our preference leans towards the southern route as it leads to Ruckle Provincial Park.

Ruckle Provincial Park is the perfect place to continue cycling or do some walking. With 7 km of shoreline and plenty of tucked away coves and bays to explore, Ruckle Park is fun for the whole family. There is also a surrounding forest, a field, and shore habitats to take in. Keep your eyes peeled for sea lions and whales out at sea, along with mink and shore otters dotting the shore line. Not to mention that the tidal pools have plenty of crab, mussel, limpet, oyster, sculpin, starfish, and other sea creatures. This is truly a vibrant park and natural habitat. It’s a place that requires all visitors to respect the land they visit so others can keep enjoying it.

Embrace Tranquility Through Relaxing Outdoor Activities

If venturing away from Lightwater Cove is not what you are looking for, we have a spectacular property that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors in close proximity to your room. Our newly constructed salt water swimming pool lets you peacefully soak and float. While you are outside on our property, wander around our farm to admire the produce and herbs we have growing and take in the soothing, homely atmosphere. There’s plenty of space to do some yoga or meditation. We also have private beach front access where you can lounge and take in the sights. 

For some added holistic benefits, spend some time at The Point, the southernmost area of our property, ideal for meditation or sunbathing on our quartz crystal slab. This is no ordinary slab of rock, as it is known for its ability to bring about balance, regulation of energy, and promotes a sense of emotional stability when spent in the presence of this crystal. 

Experience Salt Spring Island

Let’s Save You a Kayak and/or Beach Chair

With such a wide variety of outdoor activities, we truly have something for everyone while staying at Lightwater Cove. We do warn you though that the days you stay with us could feel unlike days in the real world! Check out our reservation page for our most up to date availability and book your stay!

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