Hot Tub Ocean View

Thermal Mineral Pools Immersion – 1.5 Hour Session

Our Thermal Mineral Pools Immersion includes outdoor heated saltwater pool, ocean view sauna and ocean view hot tub. Indulge in this hydrotherapy circuit for $90 per person, offering a holistic wellness journey.

  • $90 per person/ 1.5 hr session
  • $150/ 3hr session

Access to the pool is exclusively available to guests who have booked the Thermal Mineral Pools session. This area is for use by guests 16 years old and older.


Ocean View Hot Tub

Immerse yourself in luxury as you soak in our ocean view hot tub, offering relaxation and stunning vistas simultaneously.

Ocean View Hot Tub

Ocean View Sauna

Experience the ultimate detoxification and relaxation in our wooden barrel sauna, where soothing heat meets breathtaking ocean-views.

Mineral Pools - Sauna

Outdoor Saltwater Swimming Pool

Dive into bliss in our heated outdoor saltwater swimming pool, providing a rejuvenating experience surrounded by nature’s elements.

Mineral Pools - Outdoor Pool

Ocean Access via Private Beach

Escape to our exclusive pocket beach for direct access to the ocean, ensuring privacy and tranquility during your seaside retreat. Additionally, if you seek a refreshing dip, the ocean can be seamlessly integrated into your hydrotherapy circuit for a rejuvenating cold plunge.

Beach front


Picture yourself swimming, relaxing in a luxurious pool, followed by a visit to the hot tub and sauna, all surrounded by a serene forest and the ocean.

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